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About AUEB Web Archive

The Web sites of Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) provide important information for the academic community. The availability of the Web content in the future, however, is not guaranteed. Indeed, the Web content may not be available in the future because a hosting Web server may not be operational, or because the contents of a Web page change and previous versions are lost. Hence, the archiving of Web content is essential for the preservation of information on the Web sites of the University.

The Library of AUEB and DB-NET has initiated the archiving of AUEB websites since February 2010. The collection process is repeated approximately every month and gathers data from 78 different websites (in total approximately XXX Urls). This service offers the capability to:

In both cases it is possible to restrict the search results within a specific time interval.

AUEB Web Archive page is enlisted in the relevant Wikipedia page under the link "List of Web archiving initiatives".

For more information download the relevant published paper:
Vassilis Plachouras, Chrysostomos Kapetis, Michalis Vazirgiannis, "Archiving the Web sites of Athens University of Economics and Business", in the 19th Greek Academic Library Conference.

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